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Why Us

Why Rescue Lab

There are many reasons why Rescue Lab should be your choice. Here are a few of them
Reputation of Quality

A lab’s reputation is only as good as the quality of its test results. Rescue Lab takes the quality of its test results very seriously. We submit our results online, and our results are compared with those from thousands of other labs across Pakistan. Rescue Lab also operates an Internal Quality Control Program. Results given by Rescue Lab are occasionally repeated as control in the check the repeatability and quality of reports issued. Rescue Lab prides itself on its Turnaround Time. For everything from routine biopsy to Hepatitis C PCR, Rescue Lab has the fastest reporting time in Pakistan. And if there is a patient who needs a report even faster than our standard reporting time, we are happy to run the test out of turn. At no extra cost! Now that’s Serving Life Through Science!


At Rescue Lab we are never content with what we have achieved. We are always looking to add new technologies and instruments, so that we may serve our patients better. We are constantly looking to offer new tests so that we may serve our patients better. Our list is never complete because we always add more technology. We hope to add many new tests to our menu in the near future. New test information is always available on the Rescue Lab.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is one of our top priorities. The diagnostic services are certified according to the international quality standard, and crucial aspects of GMP and GCLP have been implemented at Rescue Lab. Besides the official quality standards, Rescue Lab offers its customers the implementation of customer-specific and tailormade quality solutions, including the full spectrum of logistic and diagnostic activities. Our employees are continuously trained in the application of quality assurance principles throughout our organisation.


Health care is a sacred calling. And our patients have to able to trust us to do our best at all times. However, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes we make a mistake. Whether it is calling the patient to recall a result or asking for a fresh sample, you can be sure that if we find an error that we might have made, we will own it, learn from it and recommit ourselves to improving every day.

Clinical trial support

Rescue Lab offers advanced laboratory services as well as logistic expertise to support clinical trials. Rescue Lab has extensive experience in a wide range of molecular biological techniques including multiple (real time) polymerase chain reaction platforms, Sanger sequencing, Next generation sequencing, complex data analysis and reporting as well as various multiparameter analysis platforms. Logistic support comprises design and production of sample collection kits, requisition forms as well as assistance in sample shipment and storage.

Project Management

Every project is managed by a dedicated project leader and project coordinator and supported by a qualified project team. Personal contact with our clients is considered a key factor, and we will invest time and effort to establish and maintain an optimal relationship with our customers. A high level of customer satisfaction is a crucial driver to continue a business relationship

Sample collection kits

Adequate sample collection is the first and crucial step to obtain high-quality diagnostic testing results. Rescue Lab provides tailor-made sample collection kits in multiple formats to ensure that samples are properly collected and labelled. These sample collection kits are produced in our partner/sister/ organization LBP.

Reasonable Rates

At Rescue Lab we strive to provide our services at the reasonable rates Possible. Our rates are comparable to other leading labs in Pakistan.

Long-term Sample Storage

Laboratory tests contribute vital information about a patient's health. Correct diagnostic and therapeutic decisions rely, in part, on the accuracy of test results. Adequate patient preparation, specimen collection, and specimen handling are essential prerequisites for accurate test results. The accuracy of test results is dependent on the integrity of specimens. Sample Collection, such as handling, labeling, processing, aliquoting, storage, and transportation, may affect the results of the study. At Rescue Lab properly collected and handled specimen is critical to quality test results In order to maintain the integrity of a whole blood sample, the collection, processing and storage of blood components must take into consideration their future intended. This dictates initial blood collection strategies, optimal shipping temperatures, inclusion of additives at time of collection to inhibit degradation of targeted assay components (DNA, RNA, PCR- friendly additives)

High Flexibility beyond the Standard Working Week

Clinical studies generally do not care about the schedule of a regular working week. Therefore, Rescue Lab has established a regular weekend service and is happy to provide analytical services on Sundays and public holidays if this is required by the clients or demanded by the design of the clinical study. Rescue Lab weekend service is coming also into play when the analyte stability is limited and does not allow longer storage of the sample prior to analysis. Rescue Lab is working with qualified and flexible logistic partners and has extensive experience in weekend sample-pickup and delivery.